RS Interview: Brian Woodworth (R CAND, IL-02).

IL-02 is the district of Jesse Jackson Jr… we think.  I’m not exactly being facetious, here: Congressman Jackson essentially went into seclusion three weeks ago, and nobody knows where he is.  I mean, seriously:, the continued absence of the Congressman is making the local papers and television; the reason given is ‘exhaustion*’ – which is not the same as ‘looming indictment.’ You can tell the two apart by the way that the latter phrase has more syllables.  And by the way that Jackson’s people keep bristling whenever somebody says it.


Fortunately, I was able to track down Republican nominee Brian Woodworth, who was probably more likely to want to talk with RedState anyway.  So we discussed the race and the district:

Brian’s site is here.

Moe Lane

*Interestingly, Jackson’s announcement just happened to take place in a fashion so that nobody would have time to file an ‘independent’ (Democratic) bid.  Just happened.


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