American Crossroads translates Obama's Ohio speech!

I managed to hold out until :38…

…but “Vote for me, or you’ll probably die” was just too much funny, in one place.  This is turning out to be a great election cycle.  Well, it’s great for me, and it looks like that it’s great for American Crossroads.  Democratic groups that are perhaps not used to being on the receiving end of well-made mockery?  Possibly not so much.



I’d normally end it here, except that the RNC has a pretty devastating ad of its own out on Obama’s Ohio speech.  If you saw it, did you wonder (like AoSHQ) why it sounded so familiar, not to say rehashed?  That’s because it was:

Annnnnd that’s one major reason why the mainstream media hasn’t given this speech the love – or the benefit of the doubt – that they have others of Obama’s.  They’ve heard it all before, too.  Over and over and over again.  They’re as tired of rehashed, repackaged speeches as I am.  Oh, of course, stump speeches are repetitive.  That’s fine; they’re supposed to be.  But when you tell people that they’re getting something new, and it’s not, and they can tell that it’s not… well.  Even the enthusiasm of an enthusiast can drop*.

Moe Lane

*For more along this line, check out Hot Air.  Ed’s making the Peanuts comparison that American Crossroads implicitly did above, only from a different direction.  For that matter: Ed’s probably having a great election cycle, too.


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