"Typos happen to Obama, too." - And then they got ignored.

I know that David Weigel [excuse me: one of Dave Weigel’s …co-bloggers?] wants to pat himself on the back for sneaking in a mild Romney slam graciously excusing Mitt Romney for making some typos by bringing up a couple of lesser typos made by Barack Obama’s staff. Unfortunately, if we’re going to be discussing that sort of thing then we should be talking about the time where the White House misspelled the President’s name on an official diplomatic agreement:


…which frankly dwarfs any previous example made, on either side. But was nonetheless oddly not revisited by Slate. Funny, that. But not as funny as watching the people who’ll want to get huffy about Romney’s lesser errors, but not Obama’s greater one…

Moe Lane

PS: Barack (or Barak) Obama cannot win a “Who is Weirder?” contest with Mitt Romney. His people – all of his people – need to stop trying. Please. It’s getting boring.


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