Preparing for Tuesday's Day of DOOM in Wisconsin.

Some interesting happenings at today’s Wisconsin’s Brown County Dairy Breakfast*:

[Democratic gubernatorial recall candidate Tom] Barrett was greeted warmly by some of the breakfast-goers — at least one man told him Barrett he was voting for him, prompting Barrett to joke, “Give him a lot of really good food” — but others reacted differently, telling Barrett they were voting for [Republican Governor Scott] Walker and not shaking his hand when he extended it.

Asked if he got this kind of reaction when he ran against Walker in 2010, Barrett said, “No no, this is a newer occurrence.”


Ann Althouse chalks this up to combined voter fatigue/revulsion; I agree, but I do want to take mild exception to BuzzFeed’s title (“What It’s Like At America’s Most Polarized Dairy Breakfast“). “Polarized” implies a reasonably even split; and, judging from the article itself, there was no even split. People at that breakfast were portrayed as being generally tired of the recall, and by implication being generally tired of Tom Barrett, and by implication being generally tired of the Wisconsin Democratic party. I can’t imagine that the anti-Walker forces are going to be happy about any of that.

Honestly? The Democrats should have thrown in their cards when the Wisconsin primary results came in, and it turned out that Scott Walker – despite not actually having an actual primary opponent – managed to get almost as many votes as the entire Democratic slate combined. Admittedly, that would have meant that the Democrats would have to have confessed that they had thrown away tens of millions of their supporters’ money – money that could have gone to other candidates; candidates that could have won – but as it stands Wisconsin Democrats have merely thrown away that money anyway. There’s a certain moral courage involved in not throwing good money after bad…


…oh, right, I forgot. We’re talking about the Democratic party leadership, here.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

PS: I need hardly say to my Wisconsin readers: Go Vote On Tuesday. That’s because I know that my Wisconsin readers are already eagerly counting the days until Tuesday, and that they blocked out their visit to the voting booth months ago.

*This is one of those American local political traditions that generally get ignored by inside-the-Beltway types, right up to the point when there’s an actual election and it turns out that such events are often accurate harbingers of DOOM.


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