The campaign ad that Obama cut for us in 2011 (RNC, Team Romney, take note).

Via Ed Driscoll, via PJ Tatler: Obama in 2011 explaining what he’s going to do to lower gas prices:


  • Shorter Barack Obama: Buy a more efficient car. Especially you, you guy asking me a question who has the unmitigated gall to have a large family and so has to have a large-capacity vehicle in response. Hold on, let me make fun of you and your family in the process – while demonstrating that I know nothing about fuel efficiency in cars (via here)…

Sorry: the man is so infuriatingly long-winded and rambling that even the executive summaries of what he says drag on and on. Let me try again:

  • Shorter-Shorter Barack Obama: Suffer, peon.

There. Anyway, this should be a campaign ad. Assuming that the GOP can manage to compress four minutes of blathering down to about thirty seconds or so; it’s surprisingly hard to see where to cut. Essentially. it’s ill-informed, fatheaded smug condescension all the way down.

Moe Lane (crosspost)


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