The (Currently) Embarrassing WI-GOV Recall Primary Results Thread.

I’m not really going to stay up and watch this one, but here’s a quick question spawned from the results thus far:

With 10% of the vote in, why does the Republican who isn’t actually REALLY in a contested primary have more votes (78,370) than all of the Democrats in the contested primary combined (69,627)?


[UPDATE: Well, now it’s 16%, and Walker is continuing to do better than all the Democratic candidates on this one.  Democrats were supposed to be enthusiastic about this recall, yes?]

[ANOTHER UPDATE: Yes, I’m just being a troublemaker.  Your point?]

[POSSIBLY LAST UPDATE: Oh, OK, with 24% of the vote in the Democrats finally caught up to the guy without a real opponent.  Well, it was funny while it lasted.]

[ANOTHER UPDATE ON THE VERY HEELS OF THAT UPDATE: Spoke too soon!  Spoke too soon!  The full update has Scott Walker ahead again!  Time for a page break: this is actually starting to get interesting.]

[BLINKING UPDATE: At 44%… OK, look, I was expecting this to fizzle out by now.  I mean, as a matter of course when one side has a contested primary and the other doesn’t then you tend to expect a certain amount of depressed voting totals on the uncontested side.  That is a thing that happens.  But if this was the election itself, right now Scott Walker would be winning.  This is not good news for the Democratic party, although it’s certainly good news for the people of Wisconsin.]


[NOT POLL-WATCHING UPDATE UPDATE: Hey, guess who’s suddenly having one of those Unity Rallies?  Why, Tom Barrett.  At his house. Because at 61% of the vote in, Scott Walker is now looming over his would-be opposition.  And Tommy there needs every one of those votes.]

[IS THIS THE UPDATE WHERE IT ALL CHANGES? At 68% it looks like the entire Democratic field, combined is close to collectively beating Scott Walker.]

[AND IT WAS A GOOD RUN WHILE IT LASTED UPDATE.  Congratulations, Wisconsin Democrats.  At 70% your five candidates, combined, finally managed to pass Scott Walker, who was ‘running’ against … a guy who beat a LaFolette.  This was not a good night for your party.]


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