Rep. Mike McIntyre (D, NC-07) refuses to endorse Barack Obama in public.

How bad is it for Democrats in North Carolina right now? This bad:

The gist of the video is as follows:


When asked if he supported Obama, [Rep. Mike] Mcintyre told the reporter he wasn’t doing “political interviews” at a prayer breakfast because “it wouldn’t be appropriate.”

But – as the video later notes – Rep. McIntyre will talk about how he’s for North Carolina’s Amendment 1 banning same-sex marriage! He’s for it. Dear God, please, people need to believe that he’s for it*…

And that pretty much tells you where the Democrats are dealing with in North Carolina right now: their ‘conservative’ members are all running around embracing same-sex marriage bans and avoiding the President, despite the ostensible wishes of the national party.  Add to this the sexual harassment scandals rocking the state party, the ongoing fight between the national Democratic party and the unions over funding the Democratic convention, and the generally low (and getting lower) expectations for the convention itself, and you have to wonder: at what point is North Carolina out of the map?


Meanwhile, the Republican primary is tomorrow, and Ilario Pantano and David Rouzer are the two major Republican candidates; last year’s redistricting reform means that the seat has been made significantly more Republican, so the winner of the primary should be in a good position to excise McIntyre in November. And if the Congressman is upset about that, he should at least consider this: at least this way he can stop hiding from his own party…

Moe Lane (crosspost)

*Speaking as a supporter of same-sex marriage: no, I don’t believe that the man actually opposes it. Then again, I generally don’t believe in conservative Democratic politicians anyway.



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