NC Democratic party Executive Director Jay Parmley resigns, blames right-wing bloggers...

To refresh people’s memories: allegations came out last week that NC Democratic party Executive Director Jay Parmley had sexually harassed a male staffer (the Daily Caller noted yesterday that local reports are saying that said staffer was also allegedly fired after making a complaint; if that’s true, then there’s a bigggggggggg problem going on in North Carolina right now for the Democratic party*). Anyway, Parmley has decided to leave his job – and is he bitter about it? Well, perhaps a little:


In his resignation letter, Parmley denied the sexual harassment allegations and blamed TheDC for tying the alleged incident to him.

“As you know last Friday, Tucker Carlson’s right-wing blog Daily Caller and Art Pope’s Civitas Institute began spreading a false and misleading story about a supposed incident of harassment at the NCDP,” Parmley wrote.

Hey, I’m not a lawyer, so I don’t know the answer: does a declarative sentence like that itself violate non-disclosure agreements?

Anyway, what makes this still actually of interest is, as usual, the stuff going on behind the scenes. This article makes it clear that the Democratic party of North Carolina is in disarray, what with all the turnover in their head offices and angry calls for people to be fired and general unpleasantness being spread around. Compounding the problem is that they have a fairly vicious gubernatorial primary set up: current incumbent Bev Perdue actually decided to live up to her rhetoric about canceling elections by canceling her participation in the next one. And just how bad is the election looking for the Democrats? Put it this way: Bob Etheridge is a front-runner.

Bob. Etheridge.

North Carolina went for the Democrats by a razor’s edge in 2008. I… do not think that this feat is going to be repeated in 2012.


Moe Lane (crosspost)

*It’s probably too late for the Democrats to move their convention, but perhaps they should consider having their next one in, say, Vermont. Reliably Democratic, and virtually unpopulated anyway: less Democrats = less opportunities for local Democratic sex scandals. Just a thought…

PS: Don’t feel too bad for Parmley: after all, he’s originally from the South Carolina Democratic party, as this little incident about lying about an Republican’s criminal record would imply.


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