Alan Grayson tries the Creigh Deeds electoral strategy...

…to wit, getting into the news by hitting stuff with his car*:

Former U.S. Rep. Alan Grayson crashed into a Lynx bus in downtown Orlando about noon Saturday.


Investigators said Grayson was driving a Mercedes, when he ran a red light and hit the bus.


Glenn Reynolds notes that disregarding public safety to the point of injuring others while driving an expensive automobile to a fat-cat fundraiser would be generally considered the sort of thing that the Occupy movement would be against: my response to that is that consideration assumes that anyone that matters takes Occupational rhetoric seriously, including the Occupiers themselves.

Moving along… fortunately, there were reportedly only minor injuries. And hopefully neither of the two people injured were Republicans; if either were, you can pretty much count on Alan Grayson actually trying to fundraise off of the incident.

I don’t know. Am I joking? It’s Alan “K Street Whore” Grayson, after all.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

*This is probably a bit unfair to Creigh Deeds, given that he’s simply not an Alan Grayson. Then again, life is not exactly fair, is it?


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