The Brutal NRCC 'Every Day' Ad Memorial Open Thread.

This is one of the NRCC‘s harsher web ads… if you define ‘harsh’ as ‘true.’  Something to remember, folks: if you think that campaigning on behalf of Republicans who may or may have not done enough is hard, imagine what it must be like for the netroots, who are all kind of glumly aware that they have to campaign on behalf of Democrats who have done quite too much already.


Text after the fold: open thread.

NARRATOR: What’s become of America since President Obama took full control of Washington?

A wrecked economy, with debt and waste beyond imagination.

Since then, our gas prices have gone up more than 82 percent.

Every single day more than one-thousand five hundred of our jobs have been lost.

Every day, another two-thousand seven hundred of us have realized it’s been six months since we last had a job.

Every day, more than six thousand of us have begun living below poverty, while thirteen thousand more have been put on food stamps and more than eight hundred have become uninsured.

Every day, President Obama has bet, and lost, four hundred and eighty eight thousand on Solyndra.

Every day, seven hundred and forty nine million of our tax dollars has been wasted on a failed stimulus.

And every single day we have been burdened with four point two billion more in debt.

This is the legacy President Obama and his democrats have left for us. If we give them more time, what else will they do to America?

Moe Lane (crosspost)


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