RSC: Budget hiatus older than the iPad.

The Republican Study Committee has a new ad out pointing out how long it’s been since we had a budget:

As the RSC put it:

January 24, 2012 marks the 1,000th day without a budget from Senate Democrats. The last time they passed a budget, you had never heard of the iPad. Tiger Woods was only known for his golfing abilities. General Motors had never declared bankruptcy. You had never heard of Swine flu. And the national debt was $4 trillion smaller than it is today.


And, remember that this is solely the fault of the Democrats. They refused to pass a budget in the last Congress because they thought that it would hurt them in the 2010 elections. Then, once the House flipped back to the Republicans and the Democratic Senate majority was literally decimated, the Democrats in the Senate still refused to pass a budget. The Democratic party has willfully and deliberately abrogated its primary responsibility in Congress, and they must not be permitted to think that they may freely do so without even more dire electoral consequences than the ones that they have already suffered.

They must not.

Moe Lane (crosspost)


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