Occupy Charlotte burns the American flag.

Yeah, I know: “Occupy WHO?” Still, there are people out there who take the dirty hippie wannabees seriously, so every so often there needs to be a refresher post. In this case, the aforementioned dirty hippie wannabees managed to illegally* burn an American flag and got arrested for it. With the Occupiers screaming epithets about fascists all the while.


Mind you, the geniuses were apparently doing the burning in the middle of their own squatters’ encampment. Which suggests that ‘fascist’ is semantically equivalent to ‘not willing to let dirty hippie wannabes auto-darwinate** themselves and their ilk;’ and before you renounce the ‘fascist’ label hereby, consider that permitting these idiots to immolate themselves would result in a very nasty cleanup job for some poor sanitation workers. To say nothing of the paperwork.

(Via Power Line, via Instapundit)

Moe Lane (crosspost)

*Which is actually kind of hard to do in this here police state, given the way that the knuckle-dragging fascists running it have consistently declared burning the flag to be protected under the First Amendment.

**Thank you, Charlie Stross. Who will be no doubt at least mildly distressed to be referenced by a conservative blog. Particularly under these circumstances.


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