A PSA for former Rep Artur Davis.

Rep. Davis is, of course, the former Democratic candidate for AL-GOV who lost his primary when it turned out that Alabama Democrats actually weren’t ready to vote for an African-American for a statewide race. He’s since then been reassessing his options, but seems to be under a misapprehension:


Davis also suggested running as a Republican might be a viable option, but said that the Alabama Republican Party has declined to embrace politicians who have switched parties. He noted that party-switching former congressman Parker Griffith was defeated in a GOP primary last year after leaving the Democratic Party.

While not being fully checked out on the vagaries of Alabaman state politics, I believe that the major problem that Griffith ran into was in switching parties while still in office. Artur Davis would not be suffering from that problem if and when he finally decided to run for statewide office on a Republican ticket; and if you do not think that Davis could successfully transition himself from an unsuccessful conservative Democrat to a successful somewhat moderate Republican, then you probably think that all Southerners have horns and a tail anyway.

Which is not to say that he’s a shoo-in for elected office as a Republican; merely that Artur Davis’s political career is not necessarily over. Mind you, the second he switches party every white Democratic party bigwig in the Northeast will call him a race traitor.

(via @allahpundit on Twitter)

Moe Lane (crosspost)


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