Jerry Nadler picks Occupy Wall Street over NY-08's constituents.

(H/T: JWF) Rep. Nadler is apparently quite upset that the cops cleared out the fetid, disease-ridden plague pit that had replaced what was once (and is now becoming again) a decent enough public-private urban park in lower Manhattan: he’s insisting – insisting! – that the Attorney General take time out from Holder’s current busy schedule*  to investigate the cops for ‘misconduct.’  It would seem that Nadler feels that the Occupiers’ propensity for incessant drum circles, rampant drug use, rape coverups, and of course defecating on police cars should all fall under the category of “First Amendment rights” – and that the cops should take seriously the complaints of a bunch of illegal squatters with Mommy/Daddy issues in Nadler’s district than they should the complaints of actual residents and taxpayers of said district.


I politely – politely! – would like to suggest to said residents and taxpayers that it may be time for a switch in, shall we say, point of view?  And while normally I’d just settle for suggesting that NY-08 Democrats toss out Nadler in their primary and replace him with someone more sensible, in this case I’d have to ask: how would you know that the new Democrat would be any smarter about keeping the Occupy movement at arm’s length, and in compliance with NYC’s various health and legal codes? – Because I’ll tell you this: we’re going to run a Republican in NY-08 next year, and he or she is not going to be a supporter of Occupy Wall Street.  We in the GOP have this thing about humans leaving excrement in the street, you see: we’re against it.

Just tossing that out there.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

*True, these days I believe that said busy schedule largely consists of Holder shredding all documents relating to the Obama administration’s impromptu arms dealing with Mexican drug gangs.  Which is worse that you thoughtMuch worse.




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