The Revolution will be coordinated from pricy hotels.

But never mind that, Comrade. Surely it must be understood that oversight of the glorious proletarian class struggle against the capitalist bosses and their running-dog international banker lackeys requires a full effort from those chosen to speak on behalf of the workers, yes? And since the Struggle has reached a critical moment, the stresses on, and expectations of, those individuals so chosen are at their highest point. It is well understood that at such moments of crisis that resources must be allocated with an eye to the higher aims of the Revolution, and not necessarily to a sentimental devotion to faux-egalitarian thinking. As has been said: “From each, according to his ability. To each, according to his needs!


It is thus obvious that the needs of the Struggle absolutely requires the use of $700/night hotel rooms as an alternative to commutes.

Meanwhile, [Peter] Dutro, 35, one of only a handful of OWS leaders in charge of the movement’s $500,000 in donations, checked in [to the W Hotel] on Wednesday, the night after police emptied Zuccotti Park.

While hundreds of his rebel brethren scrambled to find shelter in church basements, Dutro chose the five-star, 58-story hotel, with its lush rooms and 350-count Egyptian cotton sheets. He lives only a short taxi ride away in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn.

But do not worry, Comrade! Once the Revolution comes, all will have access to these hotel rooms! We shall keep them as museums to a more decadent and unequal time.

Via capitalist wrecker and interloper to the People’s Twitter @RBPundit.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

PS: No, a perusal of the commentary by Comrade Finance Commitee Member Dutro shows that his actions are fully in accord with current orthodoxy:

[Dutro] said he spent $500 of his own money to get the room…
He paid for the palace with his American Express card.
“It is an expensive hotel. Whatever,” he said.

This is a tricky subject for our newer Comrades, but what must be understood here is that Dutro is making a critical distinction between personal property and private property. This intellectual breakthrough was recently made by one of our field theoreticians (found here: scroll ahead to about 4:30 in the video), and neatly answers any lingering complaints of creeping class sentiments contaminating the so-called ‘inner circle’ of the People’s Glorious Occupation Movement. – What’s that, you still can’t tell the difference? How… unfortunate, Comrade. Perhaps you require the assistance of the Safety Working Group to help you in this matter?



Excellent news.


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