Occupy San Diego has moment of solidarity with White House shooter.

Wait. What?[*]

(For those without video: it’s a San Diego Occupier calling for a moment of solidarity with the guy who had shot at the White House.  Said guy had been (apparently erroneously) linked to the DC Occupiers.)Via Sister Toldjah.  You know, I have a problem with people firing guns at the White House, no matter which political party’s occupying it. I suspect that, oh, ninety-nine percent of the population of the United States of America has a problem with people firing guns at the White House. But it’s like the Occupiers… it’s like they’re missing key parts of the Western civilization source code, you know what I mean? Forget right and wrong: they don’t seem to have memorized that part of the rules that somebody or other once called Do Not Attempt To Eat That Giraffe.


I sometimes wonder how much collateral damage the Occupiers are going to cause when they finally explode.

Moe Lane

*[UPDATE] Heh.  Just noticed the last two words in the Verum Serum title.  Well, it’s a pretty standard reaction to that kind of nonsensical, banal evil.



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