Reminder: primary deadline in Louisiana tomorrow.

We’re in day two of the three day qualifying period for the gubernatorial primary, you see.  Another reminder: the only person that the Democrats have had so far who is willing to stand up and publicly oppose Bobby Jindal is… Tara Hollis, schoolteacher.  She is not particularly expected to win – but there’s nobody else right now, and that situation is being repeated all the way down the ticket.


I want to make this clear: this is not a knock on Ms. Hollis, whose most egregious crime seems to be retaining the charmingly naive belief that the Democratic leadership actually cares overmuch about their oft-stated principles.  But it is a fairly comprehensive knock against the Democratic party of Louisiana, which has taken multiple body blows for the last half decade.  It’s curious to note: for all the verbiage written about how devastating the Katrina response supposedly was to the GOP (particularly Bush), I can’t help but notice that in the state where the devastation was strongest the most obvious change was that Louisiana went from a largely Democratic-run state to a largely Republican-run one.  It’s also curious that this hasn’t been reported on more.

Well, OK, so it’s not curious.  Thou Shalt Not Question The Media Narrative, and all that.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

PS: Bobby Jindal for GovernorBetter safe than sorry.


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