Wisconsin progressives attack charter school.

Yup, ‘attacked.’ Those locks didn’t vandalize themselves, and they weren’t vandalized by the Scott Walker administration. That leaves a pretty small list of suspects from which to choose. Anyway, I’m just putting this video about the protests at Messmer Preparatory Catholic School (via Hot Air) up, without any of the (scathing) editorial comments that I had originally written.


But see if you can guess what the major difference was between the ‘choice’ school kids being protested at, and the screaming vandals doing the protesting. Hint: if you know anything about the DC school choice saga then you already know what I’m talking about – which is also true if you’re a typical progressive activist. The only difference there is, you’d rather gargle razor blades then admit that you do know what I’m talking about*.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

*Which last is actually not entirely a bad thing, from a certain perspective: better denial fueled by shame and hypocrisy rather than a smug delusion that you’re actually out and about doing the Lord’s work, and never mind what that does to kids that don’t look like you…

Well. Maybe you won’t have to guess the difference, at that.


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