Chuck Schumer (D, NY): hypocrite on violent rhetoric.

Below is a video put together by our own Ben Howe, showing what a difference that six months makes in the life of Chuck Schumer, senior Senator from New York and thoroughgoing lying hypocrite.

For those without video access: the first half shows Senator Schumer in January taking advantage of the Gabby Giffords shooting to make the pious statement “I think that violent discourse in political life, right, left or center, is wrong and should be rejected. But I do think we, as elected officials, have an obligation to try and tone that down. If we tone it down, then maybe the media will be less vociferous.”  Which is a nice sentiment: a real pity that Schumer clearly doesn’t mean a word of it, because the second half shows the aforementioned Senator and hypocrite using the bipartisan debt ceiling agreement to querulously use violent rhetoric for partisan purposes, complete with hand gestures:

It’s the issue of hostage taking. It’s as if someone puts a gun to your head and says ‘give me your money’ and then you say, ‘why won’t you give them their money?’ You leave out the whole context that there’s being a gun held to your head and that is not fair and that is not right and yet and Harry is right, we keep getting that situation… Well, the issue that is we are here today about is you cannot run government – because the other side, our side can do it too; we can each say we will hurt innocent people to get our complete way instead of sitting down and negotiating as the founding fathers intended this government to be. And for the media to say that, ‘oh, we’re ignoring the gun held to your head now, why don’t you give into them and let the thing go’ is just not fair and not right and not even handed.

Makes you wonder just how much more cloying and insincere Schumer would have been in January if that madman who went after Rep. Giffords had had slightly better aim.  Because a contrast like this makes it fairly obvious that Chuckie’s concern for Giffords begins and ends with Giffords’ utility as a mobile prop for the Democratic party apparatus that is Schumer’s true passion…

Moe Lane