Reid Bill voted down in House, 173-246.

It needed a 2/3rd majority to pass: it didn’t get a simple majority. Final total coming up.

UPDATE: Yeas 173, Nays 246. No Republicans voted Yea ([UPDATE]: Although two originally voted yea, apparently).


FURTHER UPDATE: For those trying to keep track, this was the Reid bill that played some extremely fast-and-loose scoring games in order to try to make it look like a fiscally responsible piece of legislation.  It not only sparked Paul Ryan’s soon-to-be-infamous ‘moon covered in yoghurt‘ comparison; it also attempted to re-institute (translation: ‘sneak in’) some draconian tax hikes.  It’s going to be an open question now whether Harry Reid should even bother trying to pass it in the Senate tonight, seeing as the House has made it clear that it won’t pass and forty-three Republican Senators have made it equally clear that he won’t make sixty on a cloture vote.

Moe Lane (crosspost)


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