Mark Halperin says what he thinks about Barack Obama's speech.

The alternate title for this, of course, is “Mark Halperin calls Barack Obama a d*ck.”

A few thoughts on this:

  • The longer video – as opposed to the one found here – makes it kind of clear that when Halperin said that “I thought he was kind of a d*ck yesterday” it wasn’t precisely an off-the-cuff moment.  Nope.  Malice, as they say, aforethought.
  • As I noted elsewhere, I’d say that this was on national TV, except that it was just MSNBC.
  • Truth is a defense for slander.  The President was, in fact, a d*ck yesterday.

Still, this is why we have Yiddish: it allows us to say quite pungent things about people without needing seven second delays.

Moe Lane

PS: It is perfectly acceptable, of course, to find this an affront to the dignity of the office of President of the United States, no matter what you think about the current occupant.  Mind you, nobody* on the Left has any business lecturing anybody on civility towards a sitting President, given the way that they spent most of the last decade personalizing their attacks on George W Bush…

*Nobody.  The ones who didn’t do it themselves still sat around and let other people say nasty, vile things.  Which is actually worse, in some ways.


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