Brave New Film's... venerable... iconography.

At first, I was kind of gung-ho to help good old Bernie Sanders track down more of those insidious Koch Brothers minions who want to raise the retirement age , but then I got stopped by the attack video that you’ll find at the above link. I looked at the picture that Sanders had Brave New Films make for said video…


…and asked myself, Moe? Where have you seen images like this before?  In what historical tradition is Brave New Films operating?  Who or what has been routinely portrayed as evil, conspiratorial octopuses, with their tentacles reaching into every aspect of society?

Then I remembered.  Oh.  Right.  The Jews.

(Images via here , out of sheer irony.)

Still, it’s always nice to see the Hardcore Left get back to its roots.  For a given value of ‘nice.’

Moe Lane

PS: If Bernie Sanders and Brave New Films can spare some time from their upcoming (I’m guessing) Stürmer Publishing House retrospective, I have a list of other dirty, filthy advocates for raising the retirement age for the Left to denounce!  Ready?  Here goes:

Man.  Those Koch brothers have their tendrils everywhere these days, don’t they? – Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go vomit in pure revulsion now.


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