Chris Christie's... NAZI JERSEY!

Today’s let’s-urinate-on-the-memory-of-Nazi-victims comes to us courtesy of  Communications Workers of America International Vice President Christopher Shelton, who seems to be having difficulty telling the difference between murdering millions of people in literal carload lots, and ending public sector employees’ ability to collectively bargain over how much of said people’s work-offered health insurance policies has to come out of their pocket.  And by ‘be having difficulty telling’ I mean ‘is too cognitively impared to recognize.’  Watch the video yourself before you tell me I’m wrong:



Yeah.  When the first words out of your mouth include “Welcome to Nazi Germany,” (and you end by threatening to start World War III in your home state) you have a problem with your rhetoric.  Because, generally speaking, the ability to claim that one is in a fascist dictatorship and police state that ruthlessly suppresses dissent and persecutes minorities and get away with it is usually an unsubtle hint that one is in fact not in a fascist dictatorship, etc, etc, etc.  People who are actually in fascist dictatorships, etc, etc, etc, generally don’t bring up the subject in public.  And they certainly don’t do it over a loudspeaker.

If you’re wondering why Big Labor shills are freaking out more than usual, it’s because they’re feeling extra-betrayed:  Democratic leadership in the state legislature (Senate President Stephen Sweeney and Assembly Speaker Sheila Oliver) made a deal with Governor Christie, largely because the alternative is eventual financial ruin for New Jersey (besides, they’ve got Christie to take the heat for this).  And what is the appalling, Nazi-tainted deal?

  • Ending of collective bargaining over health care benefit contribution levels for public sector employees; new levels will be determined by the legislature.
  • Said contribution levels to go from 1.5% – that is not a typo – to 5 to 6%.  Over four years.
  • Pension contributions by public sector employees to be raised by between 1% and 3.5% (judges go from 3% to 12%), with some of that increase to be phased in over several years.
  • No more automatic cost-of-living increases until there’s money to spare for it again.

Yup.  A blueprint for Nazi rule, this bill is.  It’s also supposed to save the New Jersey taxpayer one hundred and twenty two billion dollars over thirty years, but apparently that’s less important than making sure that Chris Shelton and his ilk keep getting more than their fair share.  Which is really what this is about; greed by jumped-up thugs in suits who think nothing of cynically manipulating the worries and fears of their group’s membership via vicious, violence-tinged agitprop.

I’d note which political group liked to do that, but I suspect that the irony would be too much for some.

Moe Lane (crosspost)


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