Where are the adult Wisconsin Democrats?

Because somebody in the Wisconsin Democratic party needs to be the adult in the David Prosser/JoAnne Kloppenburg state Supreme Court recount, here.  This nonsense has gone on long enough: three weeks and a quarter-million taxpayer dollars later, it has – not ‘become’ obvious that Prosser has won.  It’s been obvious since they certified the results.  What’s more properly ‘become’ obvious is that the Kloppenburg camp has decided to simply wait until the recount is over, then challenge the results in court on the grounds of a Democrat lost/ they don’t like the results/democracy.  Which is why the Democrats are doing things like disenfranchising nuns; it’s all about the narrative that they hope to present, at this point.


As to why the Democrats need to find some adults, fast… it’s for their own self-preservation, really.  Shark & Shepherd gives the reason: even postulating that a successful challenge to and overthrow of legitimate election* results occurs (which neither he or I think is likely), the consequences to the Democratic party of Wisconsin would be disastrous.

Whatever momentum the left has in Wisconsin would be gone. The anger on the right would make Madison’s recent Days of Rage look like a picnic. No Democrat would win a recall and Obama will be an immediate underdog in Wisconsin. You can’t toss out legitmately cast votes and not pay a huge price.

You see, there’s only one set of populists on this bus – and they don’t vote Democratic, these days.  But the Prosser/Kloppenburg Supreme Court election was supposed to refute that, wasn’t it?  The idea was that the Democratic/progressive Left was going to take this opportunity to flex its collective muscles, roar, and show that they too could tap into the Will of the People.  Only, they didn’t.  The Democrats came kind of close, but despite being a lot higher-profile they got outspent – and more importantly, outvoted.  They still might win a few recount races (emphasis on ‘might:’ I’m wondering at intensity levels, even now)… but they will certainly will not do that if Wisconsin conservatives and Republicans suddenly get infuriated.


And, trust me: being targeted with election fraud reliably infuriates conservatives.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

*Actually, the entire point of this post is to inject some Reality Non-Unicorn into the discussion.  Here, on Planet Earth?  Prosser won.  People who believe otherwise are being stupid I can say these things, because I’m not an official involved in the recall process; I am thus not obliged to pretend that the people trying to overthrow a legitimate election are generally not prime candidates for a surreptitious make-sure-that-their-underwear-is-inside-their-pants check.


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