Advice for Mitch Daniels.

There’s been a fairly large amount of insider-buzz over whether or not Indiana governor Mitch Daniels is going to run for President; he is widely expected to, but continues to indicate that he has not yet made up his mind.  This is starting to bubble over into other political arenas – the latest speculation is over whether Governors Scott Walker and Chris Christie are or are not ready to endorse Daniels, should he run – so it should probably be addressed.


I need to be delicate, here: the indications are that Governor Daniels is hesitating because of the effect that running for President will have on his family life.  Specifically, that the publicity that will result from running will be widespread, pervasive, and not subject to any kind of delicacy or consideration… which is a too-polite way of saying “If Mitch Daniels runs, Democratic activists will deliberately attempt to soul-rape his family*.”  If this is truly a worry for Gov. Daniels, I of course cannot criticize his unwillingness to put his family through that.  For that matter, if he and his family are ready to handle the attacks that are even now being prepared for them by the Other Side then I can’t criticize that, either.

But if Gov. Daniels is well and truly not sure whether his family is ready for that, well, I would advise the governor then that he already knows the answer to the question “Should Mitch Daniels run?”  It’s just that it’s a bitter answer for a man hoping to run for President.


Moe Lane (crosspost)

*Because that’s what they do.



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