Jamie Gorelick to be nominated for FBI Director?

Fox Nation reports that Jamie Gorelick is on the Obama administration’s short list for new FBI Director.  Gorelick’s political rap sheet is a thing of wonder: it includes Fannie Mae, Countrywide Loans, defending Duke University after the lacrosse case, (most infamously) the Gorelick Wall – and these days she’s the defense lawyer for British Petroleum.  Which basically means that Gorelick brackets the entire political spectrum in terms of offensiveness, from conservative to progressive.  Not a full bracket, of course.  There are no reports that the woman is also involved in piracy, human trafficking, the international drug trade, and/or arms smuggling, after all… but then, there are only twenty-fours in the day, and seven days in the week.


Bitter humor aside, let me be blunt.  Nominate Jamie Gorelick for any position in this administration and the resulting confirmation hearing will make the Harriet Miers debacle look like a Sunday School picnic.  Republicans will get off of their deathbeds in order to fight this nomination – because while Democrats have managed to make themselves forget that Gorelick penned an order that helped to cripple our internal counter-terrorism protocols before 9/11, REPUBLICANS HAVE NOT.  As to legislators… the question is not whether Republican Senators will sign off on this.  They will not.  The question is how many Democratic Senators running for re-election next year will be willing to take yet another metaphorical bullet for this administration by supporting Gorelick’s nomination.  I suggest that the number is less than the administration thinks.

But surely this is merely a rumor: nobody in the administration is really stupid enough to nominate a woman who is this notorious.



Moe Lane (crosspost)


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