Qaddafi reminded who the weak horse is after all?

So.  Now that the UN has authorized a no-fly zone in Libya – which is another way of saying that we have decided to create a no-fly (and no-drive) zone in Libya, using the UN for cover – it’s being reported that the Qaddafi regime has immediately declared a cease-fire.  As Glenn Reynolds put it: “Blink.”


If true: well, we should have done this a week ago.  Unfortunately, we’re stuck with a President that takes forever to get to the point – and, contra Andrew Sullivan (safe link), this situation would not be “highly believable” if it were taking place under a hypothetical McCain administration.  Mostly because Qaddafi wouldn’t have dared tick off the USA in the first place; Republican hawks tend to have a low opinion of him and his regime.  Still, at least President Obama got to it eventually.

Sorry: I might be more effusive in my praise if the optics on this were better.  And optics are important.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

PS: Tom Maguire has some links to speculations on what happens next.  I suspect partition, can-kicking, and eventually a war.  I would prefer a deal made where Qaddafi gives up power and goes of to exile to an island with a mansion somewhere (because that’s cheaper in the long run), but contrary to the Left’s most cherished beliefs neoconservatives do not secretly run American foreign policy.


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