Indiana to fine boycotting Democrats.

$250 dollars a day starting Monday, until they return and start doing their jobs.  The article suggests that Indiana Democrats may not take this seriously*, as fines of this sort have been threatened in the past but never actually imposed.  To which I say: given the language, rhetoric, and now live ammunition that have been scattered around towards Republicans by obedient Democratic lackeys… why should anybody assume that this is merely a threat this time?


Seriously.  Look at this one Google search term alone.  Tell me again why any Republican legislator should still have any sort of fellow-feeling towards any Democratic legislator who has spent the last month cynically inciting their weaker-minded followers up to the very edge of violence.  We have come to the end of showing any consideration, and the end of toleration of nonsense.  If Indiana Democrats don’t want to pay the fine, then they should stop pretending to be latter-day Robin Hoods, delete the number of their union boss masters from their cell phones, and go back to work.

Via All Politics Blog.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

*As this article suggests.  American democracy is very robust; but it’s robust because it assumes that its participants understand the simple concept that elections have consequences.  This is, of course, the very concept that various state Democrats are currently defecating upon.

Their doing so is… contraindicated.


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