NY GOP picks Jane Corwin for NY-26 special election.

The seat, of course, was vacated by Chris Lee as part of what was a somewhat bizarre Craigslist meltdown.  Ms. Corwin is herself a state Assemblywoman who was first elected in 2008 after defeating the Republican candidate in the primary; she’s previously run on the Conservative ticket in NY and has been endorsed by Paladino (who won this district in 2010).  Jane Corwin has been described as a strong public speaker and is expected to be able to self-fund; there is no scandal attached to her name, and no claim that she is anything but acceptably conservative.  And, last point: New York does not actually permit primaries in special elections.  The state party makes the choice*.  I mention all of this because there seems to be a burgeoning desire to frame this in terms of the NY-23 shenanigans last year.  Specifically, certain Tea Party groups (H/T: AoSHQ) are getting ready to get upset that Corwin was picked over Dave Bellavia, and would presumably be happy to see a grassroots drive to either remove Corwin, or third-party spoiler the whole thing.


I can’t sign off on that, sorry.  I like Dave: I read his memoir House to House; I thought it was good; and it is obvious that we would have been better off if Bellavia had won the Republican nomination in 2008 for NY-26.  But he did not in fact win the nomination, and I am unaware that he’s held public office since then.  Jane Corwin is, again, a Republican who is acceptable to the Conservative party, has no scandal about her, and can afford the special election.  Failing some flaw that I am not seeing, I am missing how this can be seen as not being at least a little bit about drama and/or personalities on the part of certain members of the NY Tea Party.

So.  Jane Corwin for NY-26.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

PS: Let me just preempt: it’s my business because state and local Tea Party groups expect me (and the rest of RedState) to support their candidates with attention and fundraising drives when said candidates win primaries.  Which is fine: but we’re not tame lions.

*Link via dKos… oh, darn.  Forgot to copy the dKos link.  Shucks.



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