WI Senate to fast-track Voter ID bill?

Hey, maybe we’ve got this all wrong.  Maybe all those Democratic state senators should stay in hiding for a couple of days longer; it’ll let the adults get some business done.


…Republicans plan to move ahead with regular Senate business. In addition to tomorrow’s calendar, that could mean public hearings on other legislation, and possibly a floor vote on a voter ID bill that Democrats don’t like.

Background on the Voter ID bill here: essentially, it’s the usual commonsense notion that people who vote should have to go through the same kind of hoops to establish identity that we expect from people who, say, buy beer.  The Democrats hate the very idea, of course – it’s not that they personally indulge in election fraud, but it’s a weakness of some of their dearest companions – so they’ve been fighting it tooth and nail in Wisconsin for years.

But that assumes that legislators are there and on the job.  The Voter ID bill isn’t fiscal, so it doesn’t need a 3/5ths quorum: a simple one will do fine.  And that’s not all the Wisconsin legislature could do: this fine fellow suggests (with malice aforethought) that now is an excellent time to revisit concealed-carry, school choice, general deregulation… the list is practically endless, really.  So, really, maybe Wisconsin Democrats should take their time.  Wisconsin Republicans can find plenty to occupy themselves with until their counterparts get over their snit-fit…


Moe Lane (crosspost)

(H/T: Hot Air)


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