CPAC 2011: Al Cardenas.

He’s the new head of the ACU, and we had a bit of a general talk on that, and CPAC.  Al Cardenas has a pretty compelling story: it constantly amazes me why Communist dictatorships were so determined to keep sending us top-shelf immigrants.  Oh, right: it’s because Marxism is intellectualism for stupid people.



As I said, “general:” for more Florida-specific issues check out this interview over at the Shark Tank, whose managing editor Javier Manjarres was named CPAC’s Blogger of the Year this year. It’s interesting to see the differences between the generalist and the specialist approach; a real pity that my interview suffers in the comparison, but then, humility is good for the soul. Besides, I met Javier for the first time this CPAC: nice guy in general, and definitely one of the go-to guys for Florida politics.

Moe Lane (crosspost)


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