Sanders puts Tucson attack in fundraising crosshairs.

Senator Bernie Sanders – the socialist Senator from Vermont who we’re supposed to pretend isn’t a socialist because the Democrats get upset about us bringing up the entire ‘socialism’ thing – has decided that the best way to handle last weekend’s attempted assassination of a Congresswoman (and the murder of six people, including a nine-year-old girl) is to send out a fundraising letter blaming the whole thing on the right wing.


Given the recent tragedy in Arizona, as well as the start of the new Congress, I wanted to take this opportunity to share a few words with political friends in Vermont and throughout the country. I also want to thank the very many supporters who have begun contributing online to my 2012 reelection campaign at w…

[several paragraphs’ worth of Left-pornography]

…??In light of all of this violence – both actual and threatened – is Arizona a state in which people who are not Republicans are able to participate freely and fully in the democratic process? Have right-wing reactionaries, through threats and acts of violence, intimidated people with different points of view from expressing their political positions?

Bernie Sanders’ answer is, of course, “Not if you give me money!”  That the attacker was a 9/11 Troofer who opposed the war and believed in shadow conspiracies – which is pretty much Sanders’ fund-raising base right there – is irrelevant to the Senator’s purpose, which is to transfer as much money from the pockets of the gullible to his own*.  So is the charmingly naive bourgeois notion of ‘human decency,’ which might have otherwise kept the Senator from Vermont from engaging in this behavior.  Nope: this is about bringing in the cash by making people afraid and hateful – which would be ironic, except that anybody who is a voluntary socialist in America is dead to the concept anyway…


Moe Lane (crosspost)

PS: Just in case nobody’s ever told Senator Sanders – or his friends, supporters, and/or admirers: raising money off of the corpse of a nine year old girl?  Vile.  Thinking that raising money off of the corpse of a nine year old girl was a good idea?  Also vile.

*Hey, just because Bernie Sanders is a socialist doesn’t mean that he’s a good one.


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