Did you thank your Senator?

As Glenn Reynolds indirectly notes, our elected officials like to know when they’ve done something properly.  Without question, making Harry Reid back down on that appalling omnibus bill was a righteous act; so give your Senator a call and say thanks.  If both of them are Democrats, then give Senator McConnell a call and say thanks.


Note: “give a call and say thanks.”  Not “send them money,” “offer an oath of fealty,” “tattoo their names on your arm,” “pledge unto them your firstborn,” or even “promise never to say bad things about them ever again.” Especially don’t do that last one; you never know when somebody’s going to backslide.  But the other half of behavior modification is rewarding desired behaviors; and an attaboy costs you nothing.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

PS: Let me be preemptive: whatever.  Do it anyway.



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