New York Times: DOOM.

The actual title isn’t that, of course.  The actual title is “Democrats Counting on Strength of Obama’s Get-Out-the-Vote Network“… which is merely semantically equivalent to the word/phrase/meme “DOOM.”  If you’re “counting on” getting enough voters out there to erase your own, admitted failure to be the perceived front-runner, then you’ve already lost and you’re just trying to avoid a rout*.  Thus it was for the Republican party in 2008 and 2006; and thus it was for the Democratic party in 2004 and 2002.  In all four cycles the afflicted party spoke of last minute GOTV pushes and the base coming home and whatever sudden wild hope erupted in the last week before the polls opened, while the party that was ahead collectively smirked and resolutely declined to remember when they did the exact same thing.  Admittedly, it’s great fun to watch, assuming of course if it’s not happening to you.


However.  WE CAN STILL LOSE.  So if you can vote early and haven’t, do that today.  And vote a straight ticket.  Governor, Lt. Governor, state-wide offices, Senate, House, state House, state Senate, county officials, judges, sheriffs, sewer commissioner, town executives, dog-catcher ,or even coroner (if you live in Louisiana).  Clean house.  The more states we control next January, the more states we can keep the Democrats from implementing the redistricting plots that they are undoubtedly plotting right this second (gerrymandering schemes are a hobby for their activists, or perhaps ‘fetish’ would be a better word); plus, every Democrat unceremoniously booted from lower office is a Democrat who is no longer going to be advancing up the ladder for higher office**.  And, of course, the more Republicans we elect the better our bench gets.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

*Virginia 2009 is a good example of what happens to a political party when they don’t avoid a rout.

**You like your personal Democratic politician?  Tell him or her to switch parties.  Because if left unchecked they’ll just eventually advance to the national level, where they will be promptly neutered and required to vote for whatever stupid idea the Democratic leadership is pushing that week.  See also: the 111th Congress.



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