Democratic Death Panel Watch: The Line of Credit.

Reportedly, the DCCC has acquired a $17 million dollar line of credit for the November elections.  Leaving aside the hilarity of the committee suddenly feeling the need to put in for emergency funds – remember when they were going to crush us with their existing money?  How is that going, anyway – here’s a thought to cheer up people’s weekends: if they have the money, and they aren’t spending it on a race, then it pretty much means that the DCCC has given up on that race.


Like Betsy Markey’s.  Yup, the DCCC finally cut her loose completely: they’ve canceled a 700K ad reservation to help her in her race against Cory Gardner.  And they did this knowing full well that they’d have emergency funds handy.  Remember that: 17 million dollar line of credit.  If the DCCC still can’t find cash for a Democrat after that, the Democrat had better start updating his or her resume…

Moe Lane

PS: Yes, you may safely assume that the line of credit doesn’t frighten me.  Mostly because neither has the DCCC.  At least, not under Van Hollen’s tenure: he’s been singularly unimpressive this cycle.  Bad recruitment, bad strategies, exceptionally bad corporate tone… it’s been all I could have hoped for, and more.


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