Chellie Pingree's Silly Fib...bees?

OK, it scans, but it really should be explained better. The short version is that the Maine GOP – which has been eating its Wheaties lately – has a somewhat ‘brutal’ ad out…



…if you define ‘brutal’ as ‘accurate,’ which these days most Democratic politicians do. For those without video access, the ad takes issue with Pingree’s anti-Wall Street rhetoric, given that she’s received tons of special interest money from Wall Street hedge funds, is accepting favors and assistance from Wall Street entities, and is flying around on a private jet owned by her Wall Street hedge fund boyfriend. Which is in fact not particularly bad… UNLESS YOU ARE SIMULTANEOUSLY PRETENDING TO BE SOME SORT OF POPULIST, ANTI-WALL STREET REFORMER. In other words: it’s the hypocrisy, …Pingree.

Meanwhile, there’s Dean Scontras. Oddly enough, he doesn’t have access to a private jet…

Moe Lane (crosspost)


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