Boehner bar the door.

Cute bit of political theater, here.  The short version is, House Minority Leader John Boehner brought the GOP caucus together and shook ’em until three million dollars fell out; coupled with the million that he’s donating from his own campaign funds, that’s four million that’s going to the NRCC, just in time for the fall election cycle.  That should fund a bunch of races.


I’m noting this for a few reasons.

  • First: it amuses me.
  • Second: it’s interesting that they were able to get to three million in about thirty-five minutes; that was obviously set up ahead of time, but it’s still nice to see.
  • Third: contrast to the DCCC’s recent curious worries in getting outstanding dues out of its own members.
  • Fourth: admittedly, the reason for the difference between the second and the third points is that more than one-third of the House Democratic caucus have competitive races this year, while barely one-tenth of the House Republican caucus does.  And that those numbers are getting worse for the Democrats for the last two years.
  • Fifth: did I mention that I find this amusing?

It’s odd to think of the Democrats being short of cash at this point in the game, but they are, aren’t they?  They don’t have enough to protect everybody, and if they guess wrong, they waste what they have.  Heck of a thing to have to worry about, no?

Moe Lane (crosspost)


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