Looking at Illinois. [UPDATED]

Let’s look at Illinois.

  • IL-02: In wake of Jesse Jackson Jr’s being rather spectacularly accused of seat-buying-and-adultery, the NRCC is upping their support of Republican Isaac Hayes.  Because when you’re given a free shot, you should of course take it.
  • IL-08:  QuincyNews.org is going to release [has released] a poll that shows Joe Walsh and incumbent Melissa Bean tied among registered voters. Guess that she should maybe start accepting those copies of the Constitution that people keep offering her.
  • IL-17: Speaking of the Constitution and not knowing what’s in it, incumbent Phil Hare is now trailing Bobby Schilling in the latest Tarrance Group poll, 44/43: another technical tie, but a bad place for an incumbent to be. The DCCC will be trying to bail Hare out; and no, this is not supposed to be fertile ground for Republican pickups.
  • IL-SEN: Mark Kirk continues to be ahead, but the real news of the day is that Alexi Giannoulias took a tax deduction for working at Broadway Bank in 2006; he previously claimed that he stopped working there in 2005.  This means that, according to statements that he made the IRS, he was actually on the scene when his family’s bank was giving out questionable loans.  His lying about this to the people of Illinois is not illegal; but it is, obviously, a lie.
  • IL-GOV: At what point should we just declare DOOM for Pat Quinn and get it over with?  Bill Brady is dominating this race.

I think that covers it for right now… oh, yes:

  • FL-08: Daniel Webster is not eating Alan Grayson’s spleen in this latest poll, but only because he doesn’t know where Grayson has been.  This has nothing to do with Illinois, but I’m pretty sure that people will forgive me for bringing it up.

Moe Lane (Crosspost)


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