Good Tea Party documentary.

Glenn Reynolds is a commenter in this documentary by the Knoxville News-Sentinel about the Tea Party  (The Tea Party: Brewing up a movement), and both he and it comes off well:



Short version: it concentrates on why people think that the Tea Partiers are participating and where it will end up going, and – very refreshingly – manages to do so without once regurgitating Democratic / liberal hate speech.  If you’re the sort who enjoys being told that a bunch of older folks worried about their grandkids’ future are actually secretly racist bigots, by all means, watch this video: the utter lack of such prog-porn will no doubt pop a vein.  In other words, it’s a legitimate documentary.  in fact, tt’s interesting that even the Official Voice of Dissent for this one is generally careful not to be as rude as, say, Ted Strickland* was.  Tells you a bit about how the movement is being seen in the battleground states…

Moe Lane [crosspost]

*Example picked because the fool actually thought that he could scream about them last week and still seek their support – something that even the newspapers aren’t buying, and for good reason. Of course, Ted Strickland is used to dealing with the Activist Left; I understand that this sort of thing works all the time on them.


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