Meet Patrick John Ryan ('R'-CAND, IL-STATE 22).

Well… actually, if you can you’re one up on the Illinois Republican party, which is in the novel position of running a fundraiser for a candidate whom nobody can find.


Illinois Republican Party Chairman Pat Brady announced that the Party will host a fundraiser for Patrick John Ryan, the “Republican” candidate challenging House Speaker Michael Madigan in the race for State Representative in the 22nd House district.

“We applaud Mr. Ryan for taking on such an enormous challenge of trying to unseat Speaker Madigan, and we want to show our support,” said Chairman Brady. “He’s definitely got the intestinal fortitude we look for in our Republican challengers. I’d just like to meet him.”

The background of this: Mike Madigan is one of the powers of the Illinois Democratic party, if not the power; and one of the few politicians that the current President of the United States takes seriously (he should; Madigan helped create Barack Obama). And Madigan has the good fortune of having “Republicans” that nobody’s ever heard of run against him in his district. And I mean nobody: the Illinois GOP sent somebody to Ryan’s listed house address, and got no answer.  But it’s a new day in Illinois, and since the GOP has a candidate and everything, it seemed only appropriate to Illinois GOP chair Pat Brady that Ryan be supported by the party.  So, they’re doing a fundraiser: and if they raise three thousand dollars…


…and I’ve been assured that they will…

…then apparently there has to be a campaign committee formed!  It’s like, the law and everything.  But Ryan doesn’t have to worry; the Illinois GOP will take care of everything, including the campaign strategy.

The very, very, very vigorous campaign strategy.  Which will be all in Patrick John Ryan’s name.

Moe Lane

PS: Actually, this is how you stop shenanigans like Mike Madigan’s in the first place.

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