Reid: Gillibrand 'hottest' Senator.

(Via Hot Air Headlines) If you were wondering whether or not current Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D, NV) is snapping under the strain of facing Sharron Angle, well, stop wondering.  If he was not snapping, Reid almost certainly would not have made such a strong contrast between Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand at a recent NYC fundraiser thrown for Reid by Mayor Bloomberg.  To sum up the difference in the tenor of Reid’s remarks (subtext added):

  • Schumer: Chuckie Schumer is so smart and so good at politics!  He was great as DSCC  Chair, too – unlike that idiot we have now who can’t even get rid of one single, troublesome, inconvenient woman
  • Gillibrand: …she’s HOT!  …And, oh, yeah, she knows something about securities law.

And if you think that I’m being unfair to Reid and the rest of his crew?  Contemplate this paragraph, which says it all:

Gillibrand was not among those who was asked to speak at the event, the sources said.

Because when you’re eye candy for a Democratic politician, you’re expected to concentrate on being strictly visual in your appeal, apparently.  But look on the bright side: at least Harry Reid and the rest of the Democratic party’s leadership lets Kristen Gillibrand wear shoes.

Progress, right?

Moe Lane

PS: Sharron Angle is trying to give Reid a September to remember.  And she’s really close to it, too.

PPS: The two GOP candidates for NY-SEN are Joe DioGuardi (Gillibrand) and Jay Townsend (Schumer).

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