QotD, Not Senator Ma'am's Day Edition.

So, there has been a veritable litany of bad stimulus-related news lately for California:

  • 12.4% unemployment
  • 110 million in stimulus money in LA = 55 jobs, thanks to, of course, red tape
  • National trust in the administration’s ability to help the economy now underwater, 30/33

…and Barbara Boxer’s reaction?  It would’ve been worse without the stimulus (not a direct quote*).  Which caused ABC7 political analyst Bruce Cain to wax sarcastic:

“I mean that’s a hell of a campaign motto, ‘If we hadn’t done it, things would be worse.’ Well that doesn’t persuade a lot of people,” said Cain.

I disagree, actually.  If I was still operating under the lingering delusion that Barbara Boxer knew what she was talking about, this would certainly persuade me.

Carly for California.

Moe Lane

*Mostly because she gives people direct quotes like this: “Are their issues that every single dollar that was spent was perfect? Of course not”

The ‘their’ there isn’t her fault – but the rest of that sentence is, by my oath.

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