Reid's Pet (D CAND, DE-SEN) broke promise, raised taxes.

Via The Other McCain and The Tech Guy we see this helpful reminder; as New Castle County’s head official Democratic Senatorial candidate Chris Coons managed to somehow turn an inherited surplus and a firm no-tax pledge into multiple violations of said pledge and Delaware’s most populous county headed towards bankruptcy (by his own admission).  And Coons had to preemptively address the tax issue, which is politician for “Man, but did I screw that one up!”


No wonder Reid loves him.

Christine O’Donnell for Senate.

Moe Lane

PS: You know, there’s been a lot of netroots sniggering lately at Christine O’Donnell’s social views, which apparently include her disapproval of what is apparently one the Left-blogosphere’s favorite activities.  Fine, if they wish to pleasure themselves this way it’s… sadly typical, really, but their right.  But here’s the thing: a Senator O’Donnell’s views on the state of your libido will not actually matter, in your private life; a Senator Coons’ views on the state of your wallet actually would.

Oh, I’m sorry: did that kill the mood for you?


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