Well, NH-SEN turned out to be pretty exciting.

With 85% of the vote in Kelly Ayotte is about 900 votes ahead of Ovide Lamontagne, after an evening where she was behind in the vote.  Which is easily close enough for a recount, no matter who wins – and, honestly, this is one time where it really is still up in the air.  My personal inclination would be to counsel whoever ends up in second to not push a recount*; it’s six weeks before the election and Paul Hodes (D CAND, NH-SEN) is desperate to delay the time before people start getting reminded that he supported cap-and-trade and Obamacare.


Amusingly, this race was considered ‘contentious’ before the GOP DE-SEN primary abruptly redefined that adjective.  I would hope that both campaigns take this as being, as they say, a moment of clarity…

Moe Lane

*Hey, both candidates were hardly shy about tapping into national conservative energy, time, and money; they can also handle getting a little national conservative advice.

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