The DNC's new pizza site logo.

It might have happened yesterday that you might have noticed what was promised to be a ‘major’ announcement by the Democratic party for today.  I say ‘might:’ Tim Kaine showed his usual impeccable timing by trying to start a buzz on the eve of what turned out to be two of the most interesting Republican Senate primary contests this cycle*, so you probably missed it.  Well, they still soldiered on ahead and made the announcement today: the Democrats have… a new website.  One with a logo that has a writer for the Atlantic – the Atlantic – snarkily demanding to know why the Democrats have ripped off a beloved Midwest pizza chain.


No, really.

A Republican pizza chain, no less.  Which is apropos, because the site more or less duplicates what the GOP’s been doing all year already in terms of races.  Their gimmick is to read your computer information and throw up state-specific Democrats (apparently, they assume that Democratic visitors are too stupid to know who their Senator and/or Governor are), which is either sort of clever, kind of creepy, or any variation thereof.

Which leads me to my ostensible point.  Being from Maryland, this is what got thrown out to me when I visited:

Now, obviously I want Robert Ehrlich to beat O’Malley in November; and I want Eric Wargotz to do the same to Mikulski.  For that matter, I’ve kind of despised Mikulski ever since she gave me an obnoxiously generic form letter trying to justify, if I recall correctly, her support of an attempt to pay for the Iraq War by making the Iraqis themselves pay for it via a forced loan.  So there’s no love lost, there… still, I do believe that if I was the Senator I would be seriously considering having Tim Kaine be taken out and shot for using that photograph.


On the other hand, that’s a perfect likeness of O’Malley.

Moe Lane

PS: This was at the bottom of the site:

As a colleague of mine remarked: fill in the blank!

*Decisions like these are what made the Virginia and New Jersey gubernatorial races last year so much fun.

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