John Callahan (D CAND, PA-15) Question video surfaces.

People may remember that back in July a report came out asking what role Democratic candidate John Callahan (mayor of Bethlehem, PA) had in the investigation of a 2007 Superbowl weekend car accident involving Callahan’s brother-in-law Dino Cantelmi. The accident involved Cantelmi going down the wrong way on a one-way street and smacking into a police cruiser, sending the patrolman in it to the hospital; alcohol was involved, as was a ‘female companion.’ No sobriety check at the station, no felony charges, no follow-up investigation; and apparently it took three years to finally get the incident report and photos of the event.


But they are available now, and somebody put a video in together in response, and I got my hands on it:

Now, it may not seem nice to ask whether the current Democratic candidate for PA-15 is involved in any of this; but it’s certainly fair. I’m pretty sure that if I flipped my female companion’s car after smacking into a police cruiser because I was going the wrong way on an one-way street during Superbowl weekend, and I put a cop in the hospital, and I had been drinking… well. I’d need a mayor brother-in-law to make that go away.

And let’s not pretend that stuff like that doesn’t happen all the time, all right? It does; but a lot of times it happens and the people that might be involved don’t later run for federal office.

Moe Lane

PS: Charlie Dent for Congress.

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