Sharron says, "Apologize to Petraeus."

I stole this line from Jim Geraghty, because it’s the perfect way to visualize this latest ad from the Sharron Angle campaign. In this one, Harry Reid is reminded that lying about how you treat our military personnel is a bad idea, and that he should apologize for it:


Isn’t it nice to have a grown-up around who has some small hope of making Harry Reid behave like one?

Moe Lane

PS: If you’re wondering why Harry Reid thinks that he can get away with this, well, it’s pretty simple: the ability to easily link to inconvenient video is fairly new for the Internet (never forget that YouTube started up after the 2004 election), and Reid doesn’t really have the mental flexibility needed to deal effectively with the new way of things. Honestly, he’s been saying and doing some bizarre things lately…

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