Democratic 2012 Massachusetts strategy: Kennedy.

Kennedy Kennedy Kennedy.  They’re trying to recruit Victoria Kennedy (Ted Kennedy’s widow) for the seat for 2012.  They actually tried to get her to run in 2010, but she refused – and she’s supposedly refusing now, but apparently the possible challengers to Scott Brown have already been collectively weighed by the state party, and found wanting. So there seems to be no better options for Massachusetts Democrats right now, which is as funny as it is unsurprising.


Now, the objective merits of a Victoria Kennedy candidacy can be argued – if you believe this Boston Globe puff piece, both she and her husband only used boats because walking on water takes too long to get anywhere – outside of the context of Massachusetts politics… in much the same way that a Jeb Bush 2012 Presidential candidacy can be objectively argued outside of the context of national politics.  Subjectively, however… this will hardly sound disinterested, but I can’t imagine that Massachusetts Democratic politicians are honestly enjoying the prospect of the ‘Kennedy seat’ surviving.  Scott Brown’s win earlier this year was the first time a Senate seat for MA changed hands in over a quarter of a century: does that state really lack for ambitious politicians who are tired of waiting for their chance*?


Moe Lane

*And if the state really does lack such politicians… well.  That is the fault of Senators Kennedy and Kerry, who both failed to do the first job of a competent public servant: ensuring that there’s somebody qualified to take his or her place.

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