Robin Carnahan campaign apologizes for attack.

It seems that one of their campaign’s guys (Kansas City Councilman Bill Skaggs) got a little grabby and profane with a Republican video tracker. By that I mean that Skaggs apparently laid hands on the video tracker, threatened him, swore at him (not bleeped out on the video below, so keep that in mind), and called him ‘boy’*. Funny how these people hate being on the receiving end of the exact same observation tactics that they so exhaustively used in years past, isn’t it?


Skaggs didn’t apologize for anything except the profanity, thus requiring the Robin Carnahan campaign to take time out from their sinking Senatorial campaign to issue this statement:

“Robin does not condone this type of unacceptable behavior and it is a distraction from the real issues that matter in this campaign.”

So, I guess that means that Councilman Bill Skaggs has been asked to disassociate himself from the campaign, right? Seeing as they don’t condone this, and everything. No? Well, I suppose that makes a certain amount of sense: at this point, Robin Carnahan can’t exactly afford to alienate any of the people still planning to vote for her in November…

Moe Lane

PS: Roy Blunt for Senate. Not getting grabby with your person or your wallet.

*I wonder if anyone over at the Carnahan campaign is wondering whether that tracker was Caucasian or not. Because if he wasn’t, then that ‘boy’ that Councilman Bill Skaggs used is going to be an issue.

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