Jesse Kelly (R CAND, AZ-08) ahead in primary two ways.

How do we know this?  First, because there’s a new local poll out that shows Jesse Kelly leading the primary with 35% of the vote.

Second, and more importantly, because one of his opponents put together a hit site.  Link’s via Instapundit – I’m not going to give said site traffic – and it’s quite the little collection of innuendos and assertions-stated-as-fact, in its way. If you’re wondering whether its real or not, then let me note this: it’s attempting to be an anonymous site which was fairly self-evidently contracted out to an outside website designer.  If it was real, then everything that I know about Tea Partiers tells me that the people behind it wouldn’t be trying to hide.  That particular sub-demographic of the American people is not shy about being forthright and open about their opinions. 


I also know that Jesse Kelly‘s been in the primary for more than a year, which is a pretty long time for a supposed fake candidate to be running. You tell me if he’s not for real:

Folks, I don’t want to get involved in the primaries any more than I have to.  And I’m not actually endorsing Jesse Kelly here.  But after South Carolina I am absolutely sick and tired of dirty tricks to get the nomination.  Fight clean, or don’t fight.

And check everything from now on.

Moe Lane

PS: I don’t know whether it was commissioned by one of his primary opponents (to not-really pull a name right out of the air… like, say, Brian Miller’s), or whether it was done by Gabrielle Giffords… but I intend to find out.

[UPDATE]: Yeah, I’m pretty sure that it’s one of Kelly’s primary opponents at this point.

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